Parenting can be a struggle.

Parenting isn’t what I thought it would be.

Parenting disconnects me from my child.

Do you relate to these statements? Don’t worry—it is a common feeling among many different types of parents—from beginners to those experienced with the journey. Fortunately, parenting classes and parent coaching has proven to be great resources for adults and children alike, especially those who want to grow and enjoy life together as a family.

Why Parenting Classes?

Taking parenting classes can easily be dismissed by many individuals, including those who feel that certain struggles can’t be overcome or by those who have found little success trying myriad strategies. However, as a Love and Logic® Independent Facilitator in the Melbourne, Florida area, many parents have found that they are able to gain skills that concern:

  • Developing children into young adults who make responsible decisions.
  • Establishing greater control in a household without power struggles.
  • Getting children to listen and learn without having to be reminded time and time again.
  • Teaching children to contribute—without feeling like a chore.
  • Correcting behavioral problems in children without resorting to punishment.

Not only can the parenting methods that I facilitate help your children to become more responsible, well-behaved and respectful, but they also deliver benefits for parents themselves, such as:

  • Spending more enjoyable time with children, rather than dealing with household conflict.
  • Greater confidence as a parent—especially as children become more responsible and aware of their decisions, behaviors and actions.
  • Improved balance in the home, resulting in greater organization and stress-free living.
  • Less guilt about certain parenting decisions—including punishments.
  • Mutual respect between parent and child.
  • Opportunities to connect and really impart important life lessons on to a child.

Is it Easy to Start Parenting Classes?

Many may think that parenting classes involve a huge lifestyle overhaul that may be difficult to implement. However, through my educational tools, parents can slowly introduce changes into their home, allowing for a smoother, undisruptive transition in family dynamics.

Adopting a new parenting style is easier than you think—especially with a coach to support you. When you want to explore the methods I have to offer as a Love and Logic® Independent Facilitator, sign up for an upcoming class.

Change your parenting, improve your life and enhance your child’s development. I am eager to answer your questions and invite you to contact me today.